Our services

Consulting services.

• Property evaluation.

If you want to sell your property, we can offer you a detailed analysis and evaluation of the property market value, paying attention to all the several aspects that are involved and are very important to define the sale amount.

• Home staging and Web&Social advertising

In order to maximize the potential sale of the property, we promote home staging events which consist in enhancing the image of your real estate and taking high-quality pictures and interesting 360° videos which will be published on our promotion and communication channels.

• Personalized research.

If you’re looking for a prestigious property with particular features, we are able to select the most interesting opportunities on the market, choosing the best in order to fulfill your requests and desires in regard to favourite area, budget, and requirements, as to be able to offer you the best array of personalized choices available.

• Specialized consultations

The stipulation of a prestigious property sale transaction, and the use or renovation of these spaces, often need to engage the services of experts in different fields who specialize in the various aspects of real estate management which range from business management to specific technologies of the industry.

Mediation and purchase support

At your side from the first phase of researching a new house or the placement of your property on the sales market, to the completion of a negotiation, we are helpful in every single phase for advising you, giving the right direction and for leading you to a satisfying result.
We deal with mandatory checks and inspections on the property, we are able to verify the regularity, in order to purpose you the best solution, trying to handle with transparency and tact the stipulation and obtaining the development all the compliances in the offing of notary’s stipulation.

Post sale services

• Specialized consultations

After the stipulation of a prestigious property transaction, there is often the need to engage the services of an expert that evaluates and manages the next necessary actions, we help you also in this phase with our professionalità and experience, ready to support even with our network of professional experts.

• Advertising services

If you wish to promote the real estate already bought (in the case you need to start with a new business, for instance, an accommodation facility), we are able to involve professionals we trust and which use the most efficient technologies or plan an advertising campaign custom fit to serve you and your targets.