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Ginevra Intermediazioni brokerage firm was founded by Stefania Barbieri. It specializes in the sale of prestigious real estate and properties, principally located in Rome, Venice and Treviso. What makes the difference, in addition to a proven professionality and a deep knowledge of the luxury real estate market, is the personal care, the dedicated and detailed attention given to every negotiation in order to assure the Customer a fulfilled and serene success.
Ginevra brokerage firm avails itself of the services of a wide array of specific consultants thanks to its relationship built with experts that have gained a long-standing experience and excellent reputation in the Italian but also on the international market.

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The variety of landscapes, ranging from hillsides to mountains, from sea to the traditional countryside and its beauty make Italy, especially Rome, Venice and Treviso but, in truth, the whole Veneto region, in the past as well as today, the favourite place where to build unique and very precious buildings both in architectural and artistic heritage.